The North Carolina Arboretum was the perfect setting for Courtney + Tom’s intimate wedding ceremony.  It was a bit of a treat for me since I hadn’t been there before.  It’s definitely a must see if you haven’t had a chance to go yourself.   When Courtney and I spoke about her ceremony details she mentioned that she had so many great things happening all at once…she got engaged, moved to a new city and then found out that in the midst of all their wonderful life changes that they were expecting.  They both have so many amazing things to look forward to!!  Courtney’s sister Erin flew in from California for the big day and despite getting in very late due to delays, she had the biggest smile on her face and was full of excitement for her sister and brother-in-law-to-be :)

I had such a fun time with Courtney, Tom and their families!  Their wedding day was absolutely perfect.  And soon they will be having even more reason to celebrate as they welcome their little one into the world in October.  I am so very happy for you both and once again congratulations Dr. Tom & Mrs. Courtney Bottoms!

CT wedding01

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  • Laura blumberg happy for Tom and Courtney. .and you and were sooo beautiful!! Will be in touch real soon..hugs and love:)

  • Linda Watts

    Great photographs, they convey the truly beautiful and joyful celebration

  • Jessica

    Lisa, these are gorgeous. Courtney and I have been best friends since we were five. These pictures bring me so much joy!


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When I get home from a shoot or a wedding, I am itching to get to my computer to upload the images and look them over. It’s like waiting for that last minute to pass when heating something in a microwave…hurry up already! haha. It’s so exciting to see all that was captured. It’s even more exciting to know that my client(s) left feeling confident, happy and amazing. THAT is what fuels my energy. It’s a feeling that hasn’t waned over the years…in fact, it only increases. It’s an honor to be trusted to capture very special moments in the lives of many.

That same feeling is happening to me at this very moment. I have been itching to sit down and put my thoughts together to share what I experienced this weekend at the Rodan + Fields Convention in Atlanta. I have been a consultant for about a year now and it’s an amazing feeling to be a part of a company like this because it is all about helping others. I now have a complete understanding as to why the slogan “Changing Skin. Changing Lives” was chosen. R+F is all about helping others feel confident, happy and amazing. So for me, both of my businesses go hand-in-hand.

succeed quote

I met some of the most dynamic and business savvy women and men while at convention. Why did I emphasize ‘and’ men? Because I am sure there are some people that would wonder why a man would become a consultant for a skincare company. Well…I will tell you why. It’s because they have realized that Rodan + Fields has a very solid business model, is a company that is as passionate about their consultants as they are their products, but also because guys want great skin too!! The guys range from husbands that have joined their wives on this incredible journey, to a former NFL player and even a 20 year old student who wants to create financial security by helping others. Austin is one of those guys…I just had to take a photo with him to show my sons.


A really great perk about going to convention is that many of the classes I attended offered such valuable business advice and information that I can apply to all aspects of my life including my photography. Oh and I can just give a big shout out to those that organized this event? They gave us a portable phone charger and Band-Aids. BOTH came in handy more than I can say. It’s the little things ya know :)


My badge came with a couple of add-ons that brought a smile to my face and one of those said “Fast Start Achiever”. It was like getting a first place ribbon.


By next year’s convention, I plan to add many more :D

On day one as I was walking through a sea of 8,000 people, I heard “Lisa Carpenter?”. I turned around to see a familiar face from the photography world. Margaret Lee was an attendee at the Seniorologie tour a couple of years ago. I was a speaker and she was in my class. HOW cool!!! And of course we had to get a picture. Convention was officially off to a great start!


As we were walking around in between classes we happened upon the fabulous Amnon Rodan, Chairman of Rodan + Fields. His style is impeccable and his smile is most inviting. A picture? But of course…but we had to make it quick as so many others wanted to do the same.


JoDee Watkins is someone that I really look up to and admire. She and her husband Jonathan started with R+F about a year ago and are on a path to big-time success!! BUT what they plan to do with their success will warm your heart.

A friend of mine who I had known for 25 years posted a picture of some skincare that she had been using. After washing my face with shampoo for years, I realized I needed something more, so I gave her a call to find out what Rodan+Fields was all about. After catching up and talking about your families, she started talking about how R+F had changed her life. She told me about all the bills she was able to pay after just being in the business for 4 months. She told me that you didn’t have to keep inventory or deliver products… people just go to your website and order and you make the commission. She told me that there were less than 35,000 consultants compared to Avon’s 6 million and Mary Kay’s 3.6 million. She told me that these were the same doctors who created Proactive and that they plan to take over the anti-aging market like they did the acne market. I laughed because I honestly didn’t have interest in the business and I just wanted to buy something to get rid of the brown spots all over my face. But after hearing everything she said, it just made sense to join.
After just one month selling and using the products, I had seen a huge difference in my skin and after two months, I stopped using foundation. My husband and I realized the power of this company and decided to make it our goal to retire him from the Fairfax County Police Department. After loosing my mother at 54 and brother at 19, we knew that life was short and we wanted to spend it together… with our kids… forever. After only 9 months with Rodan+Fields, we retired Jonathan and were making 5 figures monthly! We earned our FREE LEXUS, all expenses paid trips to Napa and Hawaii, a team of 300+, and now get to be at home with our family 24/7.
There are no words to describe how God has blessed our family. I saw the vision and all that this company had to offer. I believed Wendi and I’m glad I did. And now our lives are forever changed. Believe me.. and change your life.

Yes…I had to grab a picture with her…


I couldn’t leave convention without a picture with Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields.  Ok…so it’s a cardboard cutout, but they were just a wee bit busy and couldn’t get to all 8,000 attendees.  LOL! BUT….please keep reading because I will share information about them coming to see US here in the Upstate.  I will get to take a picture with the real deal.


So what’s all the buzz and hype about?  Why am I so very excited to share all of this with you?  I’m excited because I cannot wait to grow with this company that is taking the anti-aging skincare industry by storm AND because they just announced their new product that is beyond amazing.  If you have expression lines you will want this like right now.  It’s an alternative to Botox and fillers that gives results you can see just after one use.  It is called Acute Care and there is nothing on the market like it.


I wonder how many went to bed that night with Acute Care patches on their lines after picking up their supply.  Here are some before and after photos from some of our group that tried it.  The results are nothing short of amazing!

2014-09-14_0001 2014-09-14_0002


This product even works on vertical lip lines!!

While we were at the Awards Gala there was a BIG TIME announcement for the Upstate.  One of our consultants was chosen to have the doctors attend one of their business events.  Out of 29,000 entries earned for business building,  Nancy Tiller of Spartanburg was chosen.  You think she was just a wee bit excited??  I will soon be sharing more about how you can come join us and meet the fabulous doctors.  You will want to come for sure.


10624984_10152769840466062_9022648788516878253_n Spartanburg visit

I am meeting SO many great people and I cannot wait to meet many more!!

IMG_4131 IMG_4165 IMG_4167

So while you wait for me to announce details about the doctor’s visit to the Upstate, come join me this Tuesday for Cocktails & Conversation.  Not only will you find out more about what I do, but we have a special guest whom I am very excited to meet!  OH OH ….and you can see the new Acute Care!  It starts at 6:30 and you can message me for more details.  I would love to have you join us.

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