I love it when I hear someone says “I want to schedule one of your too-jer or whatever it is called photo shoot”. Part of the fun is starting off with how to pronounce it, but the BIG fun is the shoot itself!! The french word Toujours means forever. I chose it because I love the sound of it…it’s pretty and I like what it means. I want the Toujours session to be something that you will remember forever and a gift that your special someone will cherish forever. Jennifer wanted to give Jon a gift on their wedding day, so we scheduled hair and makeup and discussed the details. The session was a blast for both of us, but the best part for me was that Jennifer felt beautiful. Shortly after I sent Jen the photos to view she called me up and said “Oh my gosh, that is me! I am practically speechless..thank you!”…it made me so happy. Now it was time to design the album and get it ready to give to Jon on their big day. After Jon had a chance to go through the book he said “WOW!! She looks fantastic! I mean WOW! I love the book.”

Jen chose a 10×10 book with a beautiful black leather cover. With Jen’s permission, I am sharing just a few photos…but the rest are for his eyes only :)

Jen Toujours1

Jen Toujours2

Jen Toujours3

Jen Toujours4

Jen Toujours5

Jen Toujours6

Jen Toujours7

If you have any questions about scheduling your own Toujours session, send me an email at lisacarpenterphoto@gmail.com.

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I am always so super excited when I get to share a handful of photos from a bridal session. Since Kamella’s wedding was just this last weekend, I am now able to post them! Kamella’s dress was absolutely gorgeous and so was she! Congratulations again :)

kam bridal01

kam bridal02

kam bridal03

kam bridal04

kam bridal05


kam bridal06

kam bridal07


kam bridal08

kam bridal09

kam bridal10

kam bridal11

kam bridal12

kam bridal13



kam bridal14

kam bridal15

kam bridal16

kam bridal17

kam bridal18

kam bridal19

kam bridal20

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  • Susan Wagner

    wow, stunning, Kam you are beautiful and the pictures are awesome.


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