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Fitness apparel is now no longer just for the competitive athlete.  Designers are  catering to those that do all types of workouts and activities.  If you have noticed, there are many clothing stores that are now coming out with their own line of fitness wear and they are super cute!  Check out these bra tops at Forever 21.

Forever 21 workout

Take a look at this adorable yoga performance top from Calvin Klein….yes, Calvin Klein.



The first time I walked by the yoga wear section at Macy’s, I did a double take when I saw that the designs were by Calvin Klein.  I didn’t know they had ventured into fashion for fitness lovers.

More and more people are becoming health conscious and are working out more frequently.  That can be heading to your local yoga studio, going on a run, getting on a bike or doing a HIIT workout in the privacy of their own home.  Looking fashionable in workout clothes is fun and makes you feel even better about running around town if you don’t have time to change into regular street or work clothes.  Sometimes…if you are like me…I like wearing my yoga pants, leggings, yoga top or athletic tank even if I don’t plan to break a sweat.   It’s even more fun to mix your regular fashion with fitness fashion.  It’s just a matter of experimenting and having fun.  I am wearing the Meridian Running Tunic by Mizuno with lululemon yoga pants and my knee-high boots.



** this first photo turned out a bit fuzzy…we were trying to keep from shivering in the 18 degree windy weather.  haha




The black sling bag is from Pedal Chic and is really functional.  It’s lightweight nylon and can be rolled up to a small ball when not in use.


Go ahead and wear your yoga beads with a pair of leather boots.  Again…it’s all about having fun!  You can still wear a pair of silver hoops too.




Just about the time I was frozen to my core, a sweet man came up and offered a warm hug and a big smile.  It made my day!!





My Borelli scarves are always my go to pieces to help me stay warm.  Be sure to check out all the colors they have to offer.

Photography by Leslie Kerrigan.

Stay warm and thank you for stopping by!!



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